End-to-End Global Intellectual Property Protection

Integrated Proactive and Reactive Tactics

Four Stages of Protection







• Manual and Automated Monitoring

• Internet, Darknet and On-The-Ground Analysis

• Company-specific and Industry-wide Threat Intelligence

• Emerging and Unknown Threat Assessment

• Post-enforcement Action Impact Research



• Notice and Takedown Across Marketplaces, Social Media

• Notice and Takedown on App Stores and Other Platforms

• Targeted Takedowns of Websites and Supporting Infrastructure



• Multi-Mode Investigations

• People and Asset Tracing

• Online Investigations and On-The-Ground Surveillance

• Test Purchases and Controlled Buys

• Pretext Engagements, Covert Communication, Infiltration

• Intermediary Outreach



• Cease and Desist Notifications

• Right of Information Claims

• Trial Support and Expert Witness Statements

• Asset Recovery & Seizures

Criminal Referrals and Law Enforcement Collaboration

• Deterrent Messaging & Communications



We are creating the first professional certification for IP protection professionals, worthy of following your name as part of your professional identity. We will create, in essence, the CAMS, or CFE, or CFP, or CPA of intellectual property protection.


Certifications are more than just a set of educational activities. A professional certification – built to the highest standards – establishes the essential knowledge, skills and abilities that practicing professionals should possess and then measures those with a reliable and valid assessment.


We are partnering with established organizations and world-class experts to create this new certification.


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IP protection begins with an informed organization. We currently offer training on a number of topics and have internal expertise in learning and instructional design.


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Our well-connected public policy team stays abreast of the ever-changing global landscape around IP legislation and regulations. We proactively alert our clients of important changes relevant to their business, and work on their behalf with governments around the world to make recommendations to legislation.

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